Corporate Benchmark Summary Report

Insights for Better Business Analysis,
Better Outcomes

89% of organizations integrate business analysis into their processes

Business analysis professionals play a key role in helping their organizations navigate rapid 
technological change and dynamic markets. To support adaptability and innovation, this report provides insights from IIBA Corporate Program members on how to optimize your organization’s business analysis practices.

The summary report also includes a list of resources that can help organizations enhance their business analysis capability and stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. 

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Advancing Business Analysis Capability

The IIBA Global Corporate Program provides the support and resources organizations need to build business analysis capabilities and drive professional development and growth.

  • Enabling the Business Analysis community of an organization to have a common standard of practice through enterprise access to IIBA standards, tools, and templates
  • Empower your Business Analysis team by accelerating their career progression with access to the latest professional development tools such as the career action guide, interactive self-assessment tool, and digital library
  • Engage in a community of like-minded leaders and grow your network
  • Exclusive research and reports on the latest business analysis trends and practices

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International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is a professional association dedicated to supporting business analysis professionals to deliver better business outcomes. 

IIBA connects almost 30,000 Members, over 100 Chapters, and more than 500 training, academic, and corporate partners around the world.

As the global voice of the business analysis community, IIBA supports recognition of the profession, networking and community engagement, standards and resource development, and comprehensive certification programs. 

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