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IIBA's New Research Report:

Being Nimble

The Scalable Capability for Organizations to Sense and Respond to Change

Did you know 68% of organizations with high nimble capacity are best in class or exceed their peers in responding to change?1

IIBA’s Global Research continues to grow with the latest report, Being Nimble. ​​​​​​The new Being Nimble research examines the established concept of business agility and identifies ways that organizations can improve their ability to sense and respond to change through the application of business analysis. 

What you will learn in the report:

  • The characteristics of a nimble organization and a set of 8 practices that help organizations outperform peers
  • How to measure the capability of business analysis in supporting a nimble organization
  • The role of business analysis capabilities in creating best-in-class organizations
  • The value and measurable outcomes of being nimble

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The research report is also now available in Brazilian Portuguese and Canadian French!

Building Business Analysis Capability

The IIBA Global Corporate Program provides the support and resources organizations need to build business analysis capabilities and drive professional development and growth.

  • Enabling the Business Analysis community of an organization to have a common standard of practice through enterprise access to IIBA standards, tools, and templates
  • Empower your Business Analysis team by accelerating their career progression with access to the latest professional development tools such as the career action guide, interactive self-assessment tool, and digital library
  • Engage in a community of like-minded leaders and grow your network
  • Exclusive research and reports on the latest business analysis trends and practices

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