The 4th edition of the new Data Science Whitepaper Series is now available. 

Analysis in the Data Science Age  -  Hyper-personalizing the Travel Experience 

Accenture and IIBA discuss the impact of data science in the travel industry which has greatly embraced the power of data. 


As one of the pioneering industries responsible for bringing in the data culture, the travel industry comes with a variety of unique challenges. From a typical travel agency to unique business models like Uber or Airbnb, the examples of insight-powered use cases are abundant.

In this paper, the authors explore how the travel industry can be enriched through precise business analysis and data science. The industry is working to alleviate the worries of a high-anxiety travel experience through hyper-personalization where the customer is at the centre of each decision.


Key questions answered in this paper:

  • How is data science elevating the travel experience in a highly personalized manner?
  • How is the travel industry moving from merely being data-aware to data-driven at the level of a single customer?
  • How are big-data technologies and data science answering the challenge of personalization with real-time conversion optimization, optimized disruption management, social media listening, and dynamic pricing?
  • What does precise business analysis look like in the context of a data engagement in the travel and hospitality industry?


Pivoting to the New Financial Services

Financial Services industry is one of the pioneers to harness the explosion of data for the benefit of the customers. In this sector, the data is really and truly ‘big’ and the use of data science and related fields directly contributes to nearly 5.2% of annual revenue.

In this paper, we examine various use cases in financial services from payments, credit, investment portfolios to risk assessment and how data has managed to turn the financial institutions to information powerhouses.

In the context of financial services, the business analysis role is also changing as a tool to make sense of data outcomes and drive rational industry decisions.

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