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Product Ownership Analysis

Did you know 35% of Business Analysts working in agile environments are doing product ownership work?* 

The demand for professionals skilled with product ownership techniques is on the rise. Uncover the framework, context, techniques, and competencies that can give you an advantage with a FREE copy of the Introduction to Product Ownership Analysis. 


As organizations transition from project-centric models to a product-centric view, it's important to understand how product ownership is evolving and what it takes to deliver successful products.

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Introduction to Product Ownership Analysis

Product Ownership Analysis can be used to assist teams in creating and delivering exceptional products and services for their customers, internally or externally, with proven practices.

In this document, IIBA® introduces the business analysis community to the Product Ownership Analysis discipline.

Now Available: IIBA's Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis

IIBA’s Product Ownership Analysis certification program recognizes the integration of Business Analysis and Product Ownership with an Agile mindset to maximizing value. The program provides the opportunity to acquire essential concepts needed to create successful products.

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*Source: 2020 IIBA Business Analysis Salary Survey 

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