The 2nd edition of the new Data Science Whitepaper Series is now available. 

Analysis in the Data Science Age  -  Accelerating Healthcare Innovation


The Data Science Whitepaper Series looks at how data science can be leveraged to address complex business problems and how it's shaping the future of organizations across industries.


What ails the healthcare industry? The diagnosis is clear—healthcare faces multiple challenges that have a direct impact on the lives of people across the globe. The healthcare industry has over the past few decades made considerable investments in technology; its translation into better treatment options has been strikingly low.


This paper discusses how data science is enabling innovation in several areas in healthcare, including pharma, and helping drive better patient outcomes.

It also explores the changing role of business analysis professionals in this age of data-driven disruption, and how they can hone and apply their skills to enable the industry’s transformation.

“Healthcare is churning out data at the rate of 48 percent per year. That’s approximately 30 percent of the world’s data production.”  

Stanford Medicine of Health Trends

Key questions answered through this paper:

  • How is data shaping better patient outcomes?
  • What are the complexities, challenges and opportunities of healthcare data?
  • How can business analysis anchor data science engagements to business needs?
  • How business analysis is complementing data science through an illustrative case on Reducing Diabetes Mellitus Re-admission Rates?


Driving Differentiation in Hi-Tech 

Hi-Tech is one of the most dynamic industry with complex data challenges with billions of connected devices, Internet of things, hyper-scaling services and business platforms. Per IDC, Global Data Sphere will skyrocket in Size by 2025 & connected systems will be the key contributors.

In this paper, the authors present a compelling case for ‘everything-as-a-service' business model and explore how business analysis can support data-driven decision making for the interesting and varied use cases in hi-tech.

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