A Fundamental Introduction to Business Data Analytics for Organizations

This publication introduces business analysis concepts, activities, tools, techniques, skills, and how they're applied when establishing business data analytics capabilities for the organization.

This Introduction to Business Data Analytics: An Organizational View explores:

  • The relationship of business data analytics to business analysis
  • How organizations can leverage the business data analytics cycle, team structures and required skills
  • Strategy for business data analytics to increase effective decision-making

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Build Business Data Analytics Capability

The IIBA Global Corporate Program provides the support and resources to build and enhance business data analytics capabilities. The enterprise access to the Guide to Business Data Analytics provides a framework for organizations to standardize their Business Data Analytics practice and enable their business analysis professionals to play a critical role in the data science team. 

  • Translate business problems into questions that analytics can answer
  • Use analytics results to identify viable options
  • Explain technical results to non-technical stakeholders
  • Visualize data and translate results via data storytelling
  • Build and demonstrate empathy for the customer

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